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"its okay, im used to it."
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"When my mother was pregnant with her second child, I was 4. I pointed at her swollen belly confused at how my mother had gotten so big in such little time. My father scooped me in his tree trunk arms and said, the closest thing to God on this earth is a woman’s body. It’s where life comes from…and to have a grown man tell me something so powerful at such a young age changed me to see that the entire universe rested at my mother’s feet."
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i feel like every week i’m just like “i need to get through this week”

My life!

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"Never search your happiness in others, find it with Allah, you’ll feel happy even when you’re alone."
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Anonymous: Mommy where is baby....? 

Aww I’m sorry I haven’t been on tumblr for so long ;( barely any time to blog especially in the beginning. But baby’s here :) he’s healthy and he’s 2 and a half months now. They grow so fast! Thanks for your concern :) & I have a pic of him up now :)